Friday, August 5, 2016

Assignment (5 August 2016)

5 August 2016
1) E Math and A Math AA
    - AMath video send to Mr Wee via email, attach using drive
    - EMath document share with Mr Wee
By 2359
2) Prepare all your materials needed for National Day VIA and edit the document accordingly

8 August 2016
1) English Information Report Writing on google classroom

11 August 2016
1) Finish E-Math 2015 LT2
12 August 2016
1) Lesson 5B eJournal
(for those lucky people you only need to do slide 4)
(for the other poor human beings you need to do all 4 slides)
2) Collection of NRIC at the general office

When Ms Wong tells us that she will go through, do own time own target first
1) 2015 Chemistry level test 2 paper

T3W8 Level Test 2,
Alternative Assessment (Stoichiometry)

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