Thursday, August 4, 2016

Assignments (4 August 2016)

5 August 2016
1) E Math and A Math AA
    - EMath map
By 0840 (in math class)
    - AMath video send to Mr Wee via email, attach using drive
    - EMath document share with Mr Wee
By 2359
2) Send Megan & Chee Yang (Budget you need for National Day VIA)
    Send Justin or me
(Logistics you need for National Day VIA)
3) Biology SPA revision task 1
4) HCL 段落 3

12 August 2016
1) Lesson 5B eJournal
(for those lucky people you only need to do slide 4)
(for the other poor human beings you need to do all 4 slides)
2) Collection of NRIC at the general office

When Ms Wong tells us that she will go through, do own time own target first
1) 2015 Chemistry level test 2 paper

T3W8 Level Test 2,
Alternative Assessment (Stoichiometry)

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