Friday, August 19, 2016

Assignments (19 August 2016)

22 August 2016

1) Variable weather and changing climate fieldwork worksheet
2) HCL students:
HCL PT Video,
Submit 三高口头报告训练1,
Submit Composition
3) Bring handout 1: Are you a lion, lamb or lobster (given during sex ed)
4) Bring English oral examination feedback handout
     - Use time over weekends to practice reading (Go to EL google classroom, About Tab, Oral Comm Practices for Week 9)
     - Find a partner, divide ourselves among 3 groups (8 in grp1, 6 in grp2, 6 in grp3, one person accessed by Ms Ng)
5) Chapter A13 page 27, Example 39

23 August 2016
1) Social studies groupwork
    -All group leaders must write name of members on the post in Google classroom
    -Allocate each part so everyone does work

~ please add in any other chinese or physics homework too

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