Friday, August 19, 2016

Assignments (18 August 2016)

19 August 2016
1) Bring GCE O-Level oral communication worksheet
2) Chinese students have oral
3) Record reading passage
4) HCL students need to do the worksheet on writing starting and ending paragraph for essay

22 August 2016
1) Variable weather and changing climate fieldwork worksheet
2) HCL students:
HCL PT Video,
Submit 三高口头报告训练1,
Submit Composition

23 August 2016
1) Social studies groupwork
    -All group leaders must write name of members on the post in Google classroom
    -Allocate each part so everyone does work

~ if u draw curve for tmr linear law question Mr Wee will slap you
~ credits to Janice and Chee Yang

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