Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Assignment (31 August 2016)

Colour code
Black: Everyone
Blue: Biology
Red: Physics
Green: Chinese
Orange: Higher Chinese
Pink: CLB

31 August 2016
1) English S3 2016 Oral Practice Submission (if u don't submit by today she won't mark it anymore)

2 September 2016
1) Read briefing slides for S3 EL oral exams and fill up google form (

9 September 2016
1) Pg 3&4 of Oral Practice 2: Planning Process document in Google classroom
2) Response on National Science Challenge Supporters Sec 3 (found in email)
3) Biology students might need to go back to school for lessons

11 September 2016
1) Transport survey (Found in email)

12 September 2016 (Monday after September holidays)
1)Acid and bases assignment
2) 2015 Chemistry EOY paper (Check Google classroom for the questions to be omitted)
3) Try and do Acid and bases notes pg 9 & 10, answers will be uploaded on google site
4) Statistics worksheet pg 5-8
5) SRQ practice D
6) Excretion in humans worksheet,  Pg 2-3 , 6-7
7)  Excretion in humans workbook (Do everything except for the parts about kidney dialysis)
8) Read up biology textbook, Pg 234 - 237
    《 完成一个电邮及一篇作文》
10) Redo compo 6 and email something
11) Do the speaky thing and post on classroom 
12) Self-directed learning package for Ammonia (found on google site)
      Complete the worksheet using the slides uploaded

13 September 2016
1) Submit Sec 3 Essay - Causes of Climate Change

1) Geography file check, file in enhanced greenhouse effects worksheet with date written

1) Chemistry SPA, topic to be upload on google site by end of today or tomorrow

1) Report to MPH tomorrow

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