Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Assignments (26 July 2016)

27 July 2016
1) Complete the whole English vocabulary worksheet
2) HCL students , 公务电邮复习
3) Bring writing materials and paper for Math level test paper practice in class
4) 15 students who did not have go to another EL class, Reflective Writing_Past SST Students' Sample Essays
5) Chemistry Acids and bases Quickcheck 1.1
6) Physics worksheet on temperature
7) Physics:
Workbook Worksheet 8, p.67
Section A: All questions
Section B: All questions
Section C: Q1 only
8) Bring a rag for classroom cleaning

29 July 2016
1) English X-Ray spectacles interview
2) HCL AA: Script + Video

5 August 2016
1) E Math and A Math AA
(The maps are with Chee Yang)

When Ms Wong tells us that she will go through, do own time own target first
1) 2015 Chemistry level test 2 paper

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