Friday, July 29, 2016

Assignments (29 July 2016)

1 August 2016
1) Bring geography textbook and worksheet
2) Biology Respiration in humans workbook
3) Settle Emath AA groupings
4) Bring AA stuff that you need, Mr Wee will give us time to do in class
5) Assignment 13a Q2,5
     Assignment 13b Q4,6

2 August 2016
1) SBQ Practice B

5 August 2016
1) E Math and A Math AA
(The maps are with Chee Yang)

12 August 2016
1) Lesson 5B eJournal
(for those lucky people you only need to do slide 4)
(for the other poor human beings you need to do all 4 slides)

When Ms Wong tells us that she will go through, do own time own target first
1) 2015 Chemistry level test 2 paper

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