Saturday, July 23, 2016

Assignment (22 July 2016)

25 July 2016
1) Mole concept part 2 & 3 assignment
2) Bring SPA booklet to hand in to Ms Wong
3) The survey mentioned during assembly about racial harmony and digital citizenship week
4) HCL document that Ms Zhao will share with us
5) Math chapter A13 pg 13-16
6) Biology respiration in humans worksheet activity 2

29 July 2016
1) English X-Ray spectacles interview
2) HCL AA: Script + Video

5 August 2016
1) E Math and A Math AA
(The maps are with Chee Yang)

Finish up by whenever Ms Ng wants to check
1) Complete the whole English vocabulary worksheet

When Ms Wong tells us that she will go through, do own time own target first
1) 2015 Chemistry level test 2 paper

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