Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Assignments - 12 April 2016

Social studies
1) Comment on any video in Google classroom
    Write two takeaways & one area for improvement
2) We will be doing an infographic in class tomorrow
     Please bring your social studies textbook and your MacBook fully charges
Due: 13 April 2016 (Wednesday)

1) Exponential and Logarithmic Functions notes
    7A Q3,5
    7B Q1,6,7
Due: 18 April 2016 (Monday)
2) Circle properties notes
     Class work 2&3
Due: 13 April 2016 (Wednesday)

1) Place biology ring file and spa file on top of cabinets at side of classroom
2) Submit 'Nutrition in plants' worksheet
    So far only Celest submit
3) All the peeple who haven't submit your two biology workbook assignments please step up your game and submit asap
Due: 13 April 2016 (Wednesday)

1) Workbook worksheet 6,  p.45
     Section A: All questions
     Section B: Q4,5,6,7,8
     Section C: Q1 only
Due: 15 April 2016 (Friday)

1) IDK

Higher Chinese
1) 三高作文:议论文

Class matters
Please bring along a small rag to wipe your desk, the cupboard areas and teacher's table for classroom cleaning tmr becuz lizard.

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