Monday, April 11, 2016

Assignments - 11 April 2016

1) Crossword puzzle (Ionic Bonding)
2) Quiz worksheet (Ionic Bonding)
Due: 12 April , Tuesday

1) AM alternative assessment
     First draft
Due: 11 April , Monday
2) Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Notes
     7A Q3,5
     7B Q1,6,7
Due: 18 April, Monday

1) ACS Barker (Section C) Practice [1]
     Complete Section C of the ACS paper over weekend.
     This replaces the 'Response to Article' homework usually given.
     The papers have been printed for you. Write your answers on the hardcopy.
      The papers were given out during the last period class on 8/4 .
Due: 12 April , Tuesday

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