Monday, March 28, 2016

Assignments - 28 March 2016

1) Filing for Practicals(SPA file) , Written work(Ring file)
    Practical no.8 and 9 are with Mrs Lim
Due: Next biology lesson, 29 March

1) Mousetrap car must be tested
Due: End of this week (week 2)

1) Atomic structure worksheet
     Page 6 Activity 4
Due: Next chemistry lesson, 30 March

Social studies
1) Level test corrections
Due: Next social studies lesson, 29 March

Chemistry/English performance task
1) Make sure soft copy of your report is in the folder
    Ms Ng will print for the groups whose report can be found in the folder
2) Submit hard copy of the report to Ms Wong
     On the 29 March during morning assembly if not once she leaves the hall then you are considered late

1) Binomial Theorem worksheet
     5A - Q3 & Q6
     5B - Q2 & Q6
Due: 31 March (Thursday)
2) Math file
Due: 30 March (T2W2 Wednesday)

1) Chinese file and google classroom activities if not done
2) Chinese workbook
Due: 1 April (Friday)

1) HCL file

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