Thursday, March 24, 2016

Assignments - 24 March 2016

1) Binomial theorem worksheet
     Page 14, All examples
Due: 28 March

1) Biology performance task
**Due: 25 March, 5pm (Deadline extended)
2) Filing for Practicals(SPA file) , Written work(Ring file)
    Practical no.8 and 9 are with Mrs Lim
Due: Next biology lesson, 29 March

1) Submission of file
Due: 24 March

1) Atomic structure worksheet
     Page 6 Activity 4
Due: Next chemistry lesson, 30 March

Social studies
1) Level test corrections
Due: Next social studies lesson, 29 March

Chemistry/English performance task
1) Submission of softcopy via Google Drive for
    - Research report
    - SketchUp model file and iMovie file
Due: 27 March (Sunday)
2) Submission of hardcopy for
     - Research report
Due: 28 March (Monday)

1) 星期一:所有拖欠的功课 28/3
2) 星期二: 文件夹(改正) 29/3
3) 星期五:剪报google classroom  ,  作业Pg 5-10 & Pg 17-27

Higher Chinese
1)Collate all higher chinese hands out for filing
3)For those who score below 40 for level test, write on what you think you did well and how you can improve

Class matters
1) Please bring some food for the birthday party
Due: CE Lesson , 28 Monday

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