Friday, February 5, 2016

Assignment (5 Feb CNY holiday)

Analysis Using 6 Aspects of Language (10 Feb)
Editing Exercise 2 & 3 (3 to be given during this weekend) (10 Feb)

Chinese (CL)
Chinese Composition (10 Feb)

Submit 3 practical worksheets to Samson (10 Feb)
Chemistry workbook worksheet 3, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures. (10 Feb)
Google Classroom ECM (15 Feb)

Social Studies
Finish Reflection 

1. Homework: Do corrections for the worksheet "Construction of Table and Graphing Techniques". Hand in next week, 10 Feb.

2. Homework: Workbook Page 11-20. Hand in next week, 12 Feb. Please give time and effort to your homework.

3. Performance Task: As far as possible, I will get the materials ready for you by next week. If there are things that you need to purchase, I will communicate with you directly. For some groups, you can start on your PT next week."

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