Thursday, January 14, 2016

Homework Assignment

- Answer the questions of the worksheet of Boston Legal.  (Due: Friday, 15 January)
More information on the google classroom

Diagnostic Test resubmission (Due: 18 January, Monday. Optional)

Quadratic Equation and inequalities worksheet 
- Assignment 01A Everything except Tier C (Due: 19 January, Tuesday)
- Assignment 01B, Qn 2, 3, 4, 5 (Due: 19 January, Tuesday)
- Examples 18-20  (Due: Friday, 15 January)

Biology (ALL Due on 18 January, Monday)
- Chapter 2, Cells Worksheet Activity 2,3,4,5
- Biology Workbook, Pg 1-9
- Read SPA sheet
- Pre-Lab activity, Pg 2-3, Read rest of document. 

Google Classroom
- Screenshot evidence of yourself doing the quizlet
- Forming Sentence

EJournal last slide (Due: Thursday)

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